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FUTURE1s was born out of a desire to be a better coach and prepare players for the “Friday Night Lights”. Coach Gus Smith ran scout teams for high schools in Alabama and like most great coaches wanted to make his players better. He is now a Defensive Coordinator at a Mobile, AL High School. He really felt there was a better way to differentiate players and there was nothing on the marker to make that happen. Through trial and error, trying anything from using markers on white jerseys to taping numbers on them, an idea was born.

Gus Smith also coaches travel baseball and that’s where he met Trent Massey. While attending a Middle School Baseball Game in February of 2016, Gus and Trent had a brief conversation about the idea that Gus had over breakfast, to talk about the idea and from there, the rest is history. After partnering together that day, they got to prepare for their upcoming opponent. Throughout 2016, the journey continued from design to filing for two patents, to procuring manufacturing. In February of 2017, FUTUTR1s will go to the market and enable coaches to prepare their upcoming opponent like never before!

So why the name FUTURE1s? The scout team that Gus was running came up with the name “FUTURE1s” because those scout team player’s goal was to move from #2 players to #1 players.

The High School team that Gus helps coach utilized these jerseys in the fall of 2016 as a test market. That same school made it to the State Championship for the first time in the school’s history, with the help of FUTURE1s Jerseys!